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at The City Of Oklahoma City

Pay: $17.37 to $26.97/hour
$17.37 - $26.97
Posted: 9/15/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 2386743
Keywords: construction

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Department Information, Job Summary and Essential Job Functions

NOTE:   The normal starting salary for this position is $17.37/hr. A higher hourly rate may be considered, dependent on the qualifications and experience of the selected applicant and/or the City's step placement policy.

Full-time employees will receive preference in the following order:  major division first, then department, and then all other full-time City employees.  If it is determined that no qualified full-time City employees exist, qualified part-time and external applicants will be considered.

This classification is located in various departments throughout the City of Oklahoma City. This posting will be used to fill a current vacancies in the Streets, Traffic, and Drainage Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department.  However, an eligibility list will be established or supplemented for filling future vacancies, including vacancies in other departments, per provisions of the AFSCME collective bargaining agreement.and is under the direction of an immediate supervisor.  The skills, knowledge, and abilities required for full performance must be acquired prior to assuming the position.  Incumbents must possess skill in operating at least one or more pieces of very heavy construction equipment specific to a particular work site and have the ability to learn to operate other equipment.  The employee must possess all necessary licenses and certifications prior to operating the assigned equipment.  Essential job functions include:  driving and/or operating various pieces of light, heavy and/or very heavy construction or maintenance equipment used in activities, such as, construction excavation, asphalt stripping etc., and assuming responsibility for following all safety and maintenance procedures relating to the proper operation and condition of the assigned equipment.  The primary equipment used may include:  earth movers, large motor graders, large bulldozers, large asphalt rollers and pavers, large cranes, Gradalls; Hoptos; scrapers; cranes; tandem trucks; and tractor-trailer rigs.  A Construction Equipment Operator II may also be expected to complete specific tasks including, but not limited to:  operating front-end loaders for cutting slope; operating backhoes when digging around underground gas/electrical lines or large water mains; and interpreting construction plans or drawing and performing operations necessary to comply with plan or drawing specifications.  Specialized attachments such as snow plows, trailers, winches, etc. may be used to complete less routine job assignments.  The incumbent may work independently in delivering materials and equipment or in conjunction with other workers and equipment while on construction or maintenance projects.  In the absence of a supervisor the worker may be expected to assume lead-worker responsibility for other employees and equipment and effective completion of projects.  Due to equipment malfunctions, limited worker availability, or adverse weather conditions, this classification may be expected to perform crew or maintenance-type tasks.  Work instructions are received verbally and in writing, with work reviewed by a supervisor through inspection and written reports or upon completion for compliance with blueprints and overall quality.

Honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are not currently employed full-time by the City of Oklahoma City shall receive five (5) points added to the passing score on an initial selection process.  Qualified applicants must upload or submit a copy of their DD Form 214 indicating discharge type/character of service at the time of application.

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of the assigned equipment types and functions.  (Dependent on Department)
  • Knowledge of and ability to operate gauges, controls, pedals, levers, and switches found on the equipment used.
  • Knowledge of procedures used and skill in cutting or digging to grade.
  • Knowledge of various construction materials and types of soils and surfaces.
  • Skill in reading blueprints and grade stakes, and using instruments to check grade.
  • Skill in operating/driving the assigned equipment.
  • Ability to safely operate equipment used on the job.
  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic computations.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Ability to work both independently and with others.
  • Ability to learn.
  • Possession of a valid Oklahoma State Class A Driver License.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements


  • Outside; frequently exposed to heat, cold, humidity, rain, and snow.
  • Possibility of falls from working around slippery surfaces caused by rain, snow, and ice during snow and ice removal projects.
  • Possibility of suffering injuries when operating equipment, securing equipment and materials, or changing pieces on equipment such as blades.
  • Subject to working from 4 to 12 feet above ground level when operating certain equipment or when loading, securing, and unloading materials and equipment.
  • Subject to working near moving machinery and vehicles in motion.
  • Subject to exposure to pronounced strain or vibration, high concentrations of dust, and intermittent or continued loud noises when operating construction equipment.
  • Possible exposure to chemical irritants and noxious odors when cleaning dumped materials from the roadside, bar ditches, storm drains, etc.
  • Subject to working near equipment and media which, under certain conditions, may explode, e.g., operating construction equipment near underground gas lines.
  • Subject to working near equipment and media which, if contracted, may cause severe electrical shocks, e.g., operating construction equipment near underground high-voltage electric lines, overhead power lines, etc.
  • Subject to physical fatigue due to prolonged sitting, standing or walking.
  • May work 12-hour shifts during snow and ice removal, and subject to 24-hour call.
  • Possibility of receiving second or third degree burns from hot liquid sealer (350 to 400 degrees) when operating joint sealing machine.
  • Possible exposure to fairly high concentrations of toxic chemicals when operating chemical spraying equipment.
  • Local travel daily.

NOTE:  Typical City employee working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, working hours vary (may require work to begin before 8:00 a.m. and/or end beyond 5:00 p.m., and/or may require work on weekends and holidays), and are subject to change, based on the duties and location of the position and the business needs of the assigned work unit/department.

  • Strength enough to lift, push, pull, or carry objects weighing up to 100 pounds such as pieces of equipment, rocks, bags of cement, bags of silica sand, hose, boom down chains, drag chains, etc.
  • Stamina enough to exert one's self physically throughout the work day.
  • Mobility enough to continuously move one's body from place to place.
  • Flexibility enough to bend, twist, and reach out to operate the controls, pedals, levers, etc. on equipment used, move parts and equipment, tie down machinery, secure tarps, etc.
  • Coordination enough to climb up to and down from equipment and to operate the controls, pedals, levers, etc., on equipment used.
  • Arm-hand steadiness, and manual and finger dexterity enough to operate the controls, levers, and switches on equipment used.
  • Far vision enough to tell how deep one is scraping or digging while seated on equipment, and to watch for vehicles.

Other Notes

NOTE:  An eligibility list will be established from this posting consisting of applicants who receive a score of 70 percent or better.  Multiple selection procedures may be utilized; a minimum of 70 percent or better will be required on each; and the results of multiple selection procedures will be equally weighted.  The eligibility list will be in effect for 180 days from the date of the final selection procedure and will be used to fill future vacancies.

NOTE:  Subject to work 12-hour shifts and 24-hour call, including weekends and holidays, under emergency conditions such as snow and ice removal, floods, tornados, etc.
NOTE:  City employees are required to receive pay electronically, either via direct deposit or pay card.

NOTE:  Full-time employees on the interdepartmental lateral transfer/voluntary demotion list who are interested in this position must submit an application through the standard process.

NOTE TO FORMER EMPLOYEES: To participate in any selection process, former employees must be eligible for rehire.  If you are unsure of your rehire status, please contact the Personnel Department at (405) 297-2530.  If your rehire status has been coded "Not Eligible," "Eligible 3," or "Conditional," you will need to request a review of your retire status through the Personnel Department's Labor Relations Division.
NOTE:  Upon a conditional offer and acceptance of employment, the City of Oklahoma City will conduct a background investigation/verification.  Applicants will be provided contact information for any third-party reporting agencies used to collect background information in connection with conditional offers of employment.
NOTE:  The selected applicant will be provided a copy of the City of Oklahoma City's Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy upon conditional offer and acceptance of the position and prior to being directed for a health screen/physical examination and drug test. Full-time City employees currently occupying a job classification requiring a Commercial Driver License will not require retesting.
 NOTE:  Completion of the supplemental questions is required.  Responses to supplemental questions must be supported by work history/information listed on the application/resume.

If you require reasonable accommodation at any time during the hiring process, please notify one of the Personnel Department Representatives.